Becoming an engineer requires solid scientific, technical and operational knowledge, as well as human qualities. The ESITC Paris curriculum was created to develop these operational skills in the field of techniques, management and administration. ESITC Paris offers a demanding curriculum that is perfectly in tune with the constantly evolving professional world. Our programmes allow students to consolidate their scientific knowledge base from the preparatory cycle, to put their knowledge into practice through project-based teaching, to acquire technological skills in the building and construction industry, and to develop their career plans as they progress through the programme





ESITC Paris offers a 5-year post-baccalaureate engineering course or a 3-year post-baccalaureate course in civil engineering, under student status. Apprenticeships are available for the engineering cycle only

The preparatory cycle admits around sixty students with a scientific baccalaureate. Directly focused on construction technologies and practices, it differs from schools with an integrated preparatory class with a focus on Maths and Physics. The engineering cycle continues this pathway with the integration of other students holding a Bac+2/3 diploma, in initial training under student status or by apprenticeship. This 3-year cycle is based mainly on teaching technical, management and communication subjects, as well as fundamental internships. The course validates the acquisition of a comprehensive knowledge base. Internships or work-study placements in companies reinforce the operational approach to training that adds value to graduates. Passage to the next year is assessed on the basis of continuous assessment, taking into account the results obtained during the school year

Subjects are grouped into teaching units (U.E.) in each year of the curriculum. The distribution and number of units varies according to the year of study: each unit validated at the end of the semester at the school allows ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits to be awarded

The sponsorship of each year by a company creates a special bond with our students from the moment they enter the school and continues throughout their studies. The various events organised throughout the year enable all our students to build up their own professional network with operational staff, recruitment and school relations managers from our partner companies and graduates from the school's alumni network




In September 2023, ESITC Paris will open a joint Engineering-Architect programme with ENSA-PVS (École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture-Paris Val de Seine). The course will take 6 years to complete (Bachelor's degree in 4 years) and students will be welcomed at both establishments. This specific course will include a compulsory semester abroad and an internship period starting in the 2nd year, leading to a double degree

This new course is only open to 30 post-baccalaureate students, via the Parcoursup procedure




ESITC Paris also offers a VAE (Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience) programme. This process, which is open to employees, allows them to validate the knowledge they have acquired through their professional experience, with a view to obtaining all or part of a diploma. Obtaining a diploma is not automatic; it goes through a defined process, within the framework of the law

The school's teaching staff is made up of permanent lecturers, teacher-researchers and around a hundred professors and assistants, most of whom come from the professional world. They bring their expertise and experience to students, helping them to understand corporate life and to make the right professional and personal choices