Becoming an engineer requires solid scientific, technical and operational knowledge as well as interpersonal skills. The ESITC Paris curriculum was created and modelled with and for the profession. It combines rigorous academics in juxtaposition with a professional world that is constantly changing.

Our coursework allows students to:


♦ Consolidate their foundation of scientific knowledge

♦ Acquire technical skills in the public works and construction fields

♦ Apply the knowledge acquired using a “project” mode teaching structure

♦ Come up with their professional plan as they earn their degree

♦ Participate in student life through students organisations or school entities and sponsoring new students






ESITC Pairs offers a 5-year post-baccalaureate engineer training or 3 years after a BAC + 2/3 in civil engineering, under student status. The apprenticeship course is accessible on the engineering cycle only.

The first cycle welcomes around sixty science baccalaureate holders. Directly oriented on construction technologies and practices, it differs from schools with integrated preparatory classes with a focus on Maths and Physics. The second cycle continues this course with the integration of other students with a minimum Bac + 2 diploma, in initial training under student status or by apprenticeship. This 3-year cycle revolves mainly around the teaching of technological, management and communication subjects and fundamental internships.
The course validates the acquisition of a complete set of knowledge. Internships or work-study programs in a company reinforce the operational approach to training, which adds value to graduates. The transition to the next year is assessed by continuous assessment, taking into account the results obtained during the school year.
The subjects are grouped into teaching units (U.E) in each year of the course. The distribution and number of U.E varies according to the years of study: Each U.E validated at the end of the semester at the school allows the allocation of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).
The sponsorship of our promotions by a company creates a privileged bond with our students from the start of school and lasts throughout their studies, thus facilitating contacts with the corporate world when looking for internships.





At the request of the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP), the French Building Federation (FFB), and to meet business needs, ESITC Paris joined forces with EATP of Egletons, the ESITCs of Metz and Caen to offer a year of specialization on Bachelor public works to candidates from a civil engineering course.

As with the engineering training, the subjects taught are grouped together in U.E. and give the right to the attribution of ECTS credits.







ESITC Paris also has a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) system. Thanks to an individualized support, the constitution of a file and the passage before a Jury, This process, open to employees, allows to validate the acquired knowledge drawn from their professional experience and with a view to obtaining all or part of a diploma . Graduation is not automatic, it goes through a defined process within the framework of the law.




The school's faculty is made up of Teacher-Researchers, around a hundred professors and assistants mostly from the professional world. They bring their expertise and experience to the students, to help them understand business life and determine their professional and personal orientations in the best conditions.