In today's global economy, the careers of engineers trained at ESITC Paris must be internationally oriented. This dimension is fully integrated into the school's curriculum, so that students can, if they so wish, build their projects internationally


| Language teaching

From 1st to 4th year, 2 modern languages are taught to our students - English (compulsory) and a choice of German, Spanish or Italian, at the rate of 1h30 or 2 hours per week per language

All engineering students must validate a B2 level of English, i.e. 785 TOEIC points

Some technical subjects are taught in English in the 2nd semester of 4th year


| International semester

Our students are required to spend between 4 and 12 months abroad during their engineering studies


• student engineering program

→ One semester of study in 4th year or 1st semester of 5th year at a partner university

validation of 30 ECTS credits

→ A full year in 5th year under a double-diploma program (Sherbrooke University) or at a partner university

validation of 60 ECTS credits

→ An internship abroad in 3rd year (work experience) or 5th year (TFE)

validation of 30 ECTS credits


• apprenticeship engineering cycle

→ Apprentices must complete a 10-week module at 2 partner universities in 4th year.validation of 12 ECTS credits

  • Sustainable building: University of Szczecin
  • Roads, engineering structures & regional planning: University of Dundee




| International Office


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