Since its creation, ESITC Paris has always implemented a Research policy within its curriculum, with the aim of training engineers. The objective is to train engineers who are aware of environmental issues and sustainable development, as well as to open them up to scientific and technical developments specific to their area of ​​expertise

In collaboration with teacher-researchers and partner laboratories, research training modules have been introduced from the second year of the preparatory cycle, to enable students to acquire research methods and tools and to understand the environment. The school collaborates with other establishments to combine know-how, develop and experiment with the technical and environmental performance of new materials, for example

In 2021, ESITC Paris wishes to develop research themes around Intelligent, Agile and Responsible Construction for a sustainable and low-carbon development, the common base of the school's research and the 3 experimental or digital platforms, also associated with the teaching of engineering students under student status and by apprenticeship


| The Eco-Materials, Water and Environment platform

chemistry plateform will be located in the future Laboratory of Chemistry and Environment, in partnership with the EPF, and installed on the new EPF campus in Cachan in 2022


| The soil dynamics, structures and interactions platform


| ESILAB : The FabLab







| With a real strategy of collaboration and interaction between different actors, ESITC Paris has created a website dedicated to innovation and research