As a private school, ESITC Paris requires each student to finance his or her share of the school's operating costs. However, these fees are rarely an obstacle to enrolment. Depending on resources and family situation, it is possible to obtain one or more forms of financial aid in the form of grants, loans or allowances. Some families may receive assistance covering up to 70% of the school fees. The cost of tuition is set each year by the school's Board of Directors



| 2023/2024 school year


Enrolment fee : € 500

Tuition fees : € 7,200 / year




Each year, students must pay a single amount of the Contribution de Vie Étudiante et de Campus (CVEC), whether they are students or apprentices. The contribution is paid online at

Contribution for 2023/2024 :  € 100

Students must provide the school with a CVEC certificate proving payment of the contribution no later than the first day of the academic year

This contribution is used to finance life projects on our campuses in order to improve student living conditions and offer a variety of activities in several areas, such as :

  • renewing the prevention policy and improving access to healthcare for students
  • improving social support for students
  • developing student sports activities
  • diversifying artistic and cultural projects and events
  • improving student reception


| Scholarships


ESITC Paris has been recognised by the French government since 18 July 2001 and is therefore entitled to accept students on scholarships. Applications must be made to the CROUS

Thanks to the support of our partner companies, the school awards scholarships each year according to its own criteria. Our students are eligible for various types of financial aid: scholarships from the school and the FNTP on the basis of social criteria, excellence scholarships from the FNTP and Pro BTP scholarships, etc.


| Other funding options


Banks that are partners of the school's student associations offer our students a range of advantages, particularly when it comes to financing their studies

Internships during the course are subsidised, so they are rewarded at least in accordance with current legislation