"Joining ESITC is making a childhood dream come true: BUILD, a recurring desire among young people who join our school. Helping them achieve their dream is our mission. This five-year course, created and modeled over the years with the profession, combines education and the professional world. From his first year at the School, it allows students to discover a new world that radically breaks with secondary education, which is often far removed from their concerns. At the end of the course, our engineering students can specialize and flourish in the field of activity for which they are destined. They have the free choice of their orientation in the 5th year either by staying in school or by opening up to the international market through a course in a foreign university. We are proud to see, by following the engineers of the School in their working lives, that all of them work in the sector they have chosen and for which we have made them progress."
Olivier Aucouturier,
Director of ESITC Paris










ESITC Paris is a non-profit association, created in 1992 (association law 1901), recognized by the State. Member of the Union des Grandes Écoles Indépendantes (UGEI) and of the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools (CDEFI). ESITC Paris has been empowered by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), since its creation, to issue the engineering diploma under student status and since 2012 by apprenticeship. As a guarantee of recognized quality education, in July 2015 ESITC Paris obtained the "EESPIG" label (Establishment of Private Higher Education of General Interest), and since 2012 has occupied 1st or 2nd place in the independent EDUNIVERSAL ranking of Best Engineering Schools specializing in Construction and Civil Engineering - Post-Bac
Our graduates are intended to become production engineers (technical, human and financial management of projects) or to occupy support functions in design offices (methods engineer, price studies, structures …) Both within the largest national and international companies in the Building and Public Works sector as well as in SMEs. Their training allows them to evolve naturally into managerial positions after a few years of experience (works manager, operations manager, sector manager, agency manager, real estate operations manager, etc.). After ten years of experience, more than 25% of a promotion has created or taken over a business in the sector. Known and recognized by construction professionals, our highly qualified training benefits from a real network (companies, schools, alumni) and a situation of full employment at the end of the course.
With an enrollment of no more than 400 students, ESITC Paris is a school on a human scale, with the monitoring, supervision and educational requirements of the courses due to the diploma obtained. It provides training in 5 years post-baccalaureate or in 3 years on the engineering cycle (after obtaining a BAC + 2/3 in Civil Engineering). About a hundred permanent teachers, teacher-researchers and assistants make up the faculty, 70% of whom are professionals in the sector.
The preparatory cycle welcomes around sixty baccalaureate holders from science terminal classes. It trains students in basic techniques of the Construction sector (general construction, drawing, topography, materials, site organization ...) in addition to an essential strengthening of the scientific base. The second cycle revolves mainly around the teaching of technical, management and communication subjects. It extends the deepening of specialized subjects and emphasizes the realization of individual and / or group projects, including one in Research & Innovation and the application of knowledge. The choice of the specialty, Building or Roads & Structures, is made in the second semester of the 4th year. In the final year, students carry out a transversal project in their specialty under the supervision of company managers, then finish their course by carrying out their end-of-study internship.
One of the strengths of our course is the implementation of the skills of our student engineers in a concrete way through numerous internships punctuating their course (up to 19 months over 5 years). A compulsory international semester enriches the students' experience and a "research" internship can also be chosen on an optional basis. Other orientation possibilities are added, in partnership with French or foreign establishments, allowing the obtaining of a double diploma according to the agreements.
In a changing society, faced with future technological and environmental challenges, thanks to privileged links with professionals in the sector and with French and foreign partner higher education schools, ESITC Paris trains engineers to meet the needs of businesses.
The subjects taught throughout the course are grouped into teaching units (U.E) in each year of the course. The distribution and number of scientific, technological, communication (including the study of 2 compulsory modern languages), initiation to Research and Innovation or multidisciplinary projects vary according to the years of study. A minimum average is required in each U.E for the passage in higher year

With an entirely renovated building and modern teaching equipment, our students have access to high quality instruction :


♦ spacious classrooms equipped with innovative materials
♦ computer rooms and 2 lecture halls
♦ a library and unlimited access to a digital library
♦ a topography platform
♦ a geotechnical platform
♦ a materials & eco-materials platform
♦ plotter, printers, specialized software (Autocad®, Robot®, Covadis®, Revit® (BIM software), student computer licenses are made available to engineering students