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During the course, each student must complete between 11 and 19 months of work experience (around 48 weeks) in a company. Of the 5 internship periods, 4 are compulsory and can take place in France and/or abroad. These periods of work experience give the student-engineer the opportunity to come into direct contact with the world of business and industry, and enable them to fine-tune their career choices

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Companies wishing to offer international internships during the engineering cycle may do so for a minimum of 12 weeks, depending on the theme of the internship (Project Management, Technical Design Office or TFE)


| Worker experience

This lasts 4 weeks and takes place during the summer following the 1st year of the preparatory cycle


| Work Management internship

As part of a team, under the responsibility of a senior engineer, the trainee's objective is to take on his or her first responsibilities as a works supervisor. It lasts a minimum of 16 weeks (4 to 6 months) and takes place at the beginning of the 3rd year (from July to December)


| Technical & design Studies Office internship

Lasting a maximum of 12 weeks and taking place at the end of the 3rd year (summer period from June to August inclusive), this internship, which has been part of the curriculum since 2018, aims to develop the trainee in the support services of companies in the construction sector (Technical Design Office, Methods Office, Price Study Office, Structural Design Office, etc.)


| Research placement (optional)

This takes place at the end of 4th year and lasts from 8 to 12 weeks during the summer, from June to August inclusive. Students wishing to do so can undertake a Research & Development placement in a research laboratory or in a company specialising in the construction industry in France or abroad


| The End-of-Studies placement (TFE)

Lasting a minimum of 16 weeks (4 to 6 months) and taking place in the second semester of the 5th year (from mid-February), this work placement involves a technical or site organisation study, a quality study, a price study, etc... The student engineer carries out a project implemented by and with the tutoring company. The positioning of the TFE in the school calendar ensures continuity between the end of the placement period and the signing of a first employment contract



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