The CTI renewed the authorization of ESITC Paris to issue the title of Engineer graduated from the Superior School of Construction Works of Paris in initial training under student status and under apprenticeship status.

♦ A very concrete training of a very good level
♦ The motivation of targeted students from the moment of recruitment
♦ Values carried by the school: rigor, respect, commitment, loyalty, solidarity and humility
♦ A school structure making it possible to create privileged links between management, teachers, external speakers and student engineers
♦ A match between the courses and trades prepared and the expectations of companies in an evolving professional market
♦ Outgoing international mobility equivalent to 100%


End of authorization: August 31, 2022



CTI notice Initial training - student status    

CTI notice Initial training - apprenticeship status


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"The CTI is an independent body, charged by French law, since 1934, evaluating all engineering training, developing the quality of training, promoting the title and profession of engineer in France and abroad.
The missions of the CTI : 

Periodic evaluation of all engineering training courses in french establishments in France with a view to their accreditation to issue a graduate engineer title. The CTI is the decision maker for the accreditation of private establishments (...)

The definition of the master's level engineer profile and the development of the criteria and procedures necessary for the issuance of the title of engineer and the accomplishment of the missions of the CTI. The CTI thus contributes to the continuous development of engineering training (...)

The advices on all questions concerning the titles of graduate engineer. These "historic" missions have widened with the international opening and the creation of the European higher education area in which the CTI operates in its own fields (engineering training and quality assurance). The CTI, in particular because of its recognition by organizations such as the European Association for Quality in Higher Education (ENQA) or the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR)

The development of a culture of quality within french schools and the CTI itself, in accordance with the "Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area (ESG)"

► All actions which work in favor of the academic and professional recognition of the degree of french engineer (...)

The evaluation of training courses for french and foreign engineers with a view to awarding quality labels. The CTI is a founding member of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) and issues the European quality label for EUR-ACE® engineering training (master level) from this body (...)"







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