Because ESITC Paris was founded on the desire of companies and the French Federation of building and public works (FBTP) to train highly qualified, operational engineers, the school has always had close connections with engineering companies. They are present through various organisations such as the Board of directors and the Improvement Board, but they also participate in the pedagogical, professional and student life of our engineering students.


  • Many professional actors invest in the subject matter taught at the school.
  • Students therefore acquire the knowledge and skills to match current regulations and participate in the development of the school’s courses.

Companies also host our engineering students for work training periods, whether under student status or for the work-study cycle. These training periods in the companies provide students with a true, recognized professional experience.

  • The companies also invest within the institution by sponsoring classes of students that they follow during their 5 years of study, supporting student activities organised by the BDE (orientation days, ski week, gala ball, etc.) and by attending events scheduled during the year at the school (company weeks, forums, conferences, site visits, partnerships for new locations, etc.)


Partnerships between companies and ESITC Paris are also an opportunity for companies to directly communicate with students by distributing work placement and job offers.

Company relations also entail our students at their service with the Junior Enterprise of ESITC Paris.