During their training, each student have to complete between 11 to 19 months of internships (approximately 48 weeks) in a company. Out of 5 internship periods, 4 are compulsory and can take place in France and/or abroad. Interships are formally organized in conjunction with ESITC Paris and companies. These internship periods offer, at the end of the first year and over the 5 years to the young engineering-student the opportunity for direct contact with the life worksite and the business world. They also allow him to refine his professional choices

* The period abroad can be done during one of the 3 internships of the engineering cycle


| The worker internship: becoming part of a team

It is the first contact with construction world, and aims to discover workssite and the importance of human relationship on it. The student occupies an executor position (worker) in order to apprehend and understand the operation of construction site, the safety constraints as well as the working conditions. It lasts at least 1 month and is carried out during the summer following the first year


| The work management internship: take the first responsibilities

This long internship, of at least 4 months, is completed at the beginning of the engineering cycle, from September to December. Integrated into a team, and working under the responsability of an experienced engineer, the student takes on his first responsibilities. He organizes and monitors the various technical, human and financial resources and progress necessary for the achievment of a construction site. He is responsible for the quality of the work carried out, from the project phase to final works delivery, while respecting deadlines and safety rules


| The internship in a Technical Engineering Department/Office

For a periode of 12 weeks and is positioned at the end of the 3rd year, this internship aims to develop the engineering student within independent design offices or in a support services in construction companies : Technical Studies Office, Methods Office, Price Studies Office, Structural Studies Office, etc. This internship should allow the student to participate in project studies upstream of the construction or execution sites. The trainee will have to produce a complete analysis


| The Research internship (optional)

Located at the end of the 4th year, this internship lasts between 8 and 12 weeks. It must be carried out in the R&D sector of a large costruction company or in a research laboratory specializing in the construction industry and can take place in France or abroad, in a French or foreign company. It allows the student engineer to complete their knowledge of the company and to finalize his vision of his professional future upon training. It also allows the studen-engineer to consider a Doctorate. This professional experience will allow the student to obtain a large number of new insights and a real human benefit


| The End of Studies internship: The last internship before active life

This last experience of 4 to 6 months prepares the student-engineer for his entry into the professional world. Troughout the intership, he leads a project whose problematic is implemented by and with the tutor company. This internship takes place in the 2nd semester of the fifth year, from February to July and covers a technical study, a site organization,  a quality study, a price study, etc. This experience is the last straight line in business before joining working life

More than half of graduates are hired by the company in which the TFE was carried out