Associative life brings dynamism and makes it possible to empower our students within the various student associations (budget management, implementation of innovative projects, organization of events, etc.) and promote team spirit,and student development. This is an opportunity for engineering students to participate in multiple extra-curricular events and activities such as 1st and 3rd year integration days, the ski week during the winter holidays, site visits, sporting events, the School Forum, the Gala, Business-Weeks, the BDE campaign, etc.As the true hub of the school, the BDE (student union) acts as a representative in relations with partner companies and organises extracurricular activities on campus to make student life more exciting and dynamic


| BDE - Student's office

As the school's hub, the BDE brings student life to life by acting as a liaison with companies and organising activities at ESITC Paris. The ESITC Paris Student Office is unique in that it organises most of its events in collaboration with companies in the sector. The integration days are organised with the companies that sponsor the graduating classes, the ski week with Léon Grosse, the Gala with GCC, the Telethon with Vinci Construction, and so on

The BDE's missions
♦ Manage all aspects of community life with the various associations
♦ Acting as a link between students and the DIrection
♦ Organise all professional events, including the FORUM
♦ Offer visits to work sites
The year's main events 

| Integration Days - Organised in partnership with the sponsoring company of the graduating class, the integration day gives new students the opportunity to discover the school and the ties that bind all students together. Each student chooses a sponsor from the year above. Their role is to help the new student to get to grips with the first year from an academic point of view and to integrate into all the year's classes through a system known as "lineage". It is partly thanks to this virtuous circle of mentoring that ESITC students remain in contact throughout all or part of their careers

| Corporate relations - Each year, the ESITC Paris Student Office is responsible for organising the school's forum between January and May, as well as conferences in collaboration with companies in the sector. The presentations are designed to be interactive and relevant, in an atmosphere conducive to dialogue. The conference is followed by a buffet where students can discuss freely with the speakers present. Operational staff, who may or may not be alumni of the school, share their experiences and feelings. This informal atmosphere allows students to freely ask questions about the careers that await them. It's also an opportunity for our students looking for work placements to submit their CVs to the Human Resources managers present

| Forum - The BDE offers fellow students the chance to meet companies in the sector during a day dedicated to finding internships, TFE or first jobs

 | The Gala - It's one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. The festivities begin with a dinner at which our partners and those who contribute to the life of the school get together. This dinner is an opportunity for the BDE to thank the companies for their trust and proximity. The event continues with a dance in a Parisian nightclub

| A ski week is organised in partnership with Léon Grosse around the second week of March. This event is an opportunity to combine sport and relaxation and to strengthen inter-promotional cohesion. The first weekend of the stay takes place with some Léon Grosse employees, alumni of ESITC Paris, who share their experiences within the group with the students

| Initiatives - Every year, the BDE organises pedogogical, associative or professional initiatives in collaboration with companies, which help to foster a spirit of cohesion and mutual aid between the classes 

In 2022/2023

⇒ setting up a tutorial in Mathematics, Physics and Resistance of Materials

⇒ visits to exceptional building sites

⇒ conferences and presentations by associations


| The other student associations


| BDS - Student Sport office

The BDS coordinates all sporting activities organised within the school. This association enables students to practise a sport throughout the year (rugby, football, boxing, tennis, etc.) and to take part in numerous inter-university championships, while cultivating the values that are dear to the school, such as cohesion, team spirit, tolerance and humility


| "The Farm" - Student Meeting place

The headquarters of the BDE and the BDS, this space is a place where all the classes can meet, exchange ideas and relax, a place that is very important to all ESITC Paris students


| The Junior Enterprise - ESITC Studies

Created in 2017, the ESITC Etudes team is a Micro-Company offering companies to carry out scientific, technical studies, applied to the field of Construction. Studies and missions are entrusted to students, an opportunity to develop their professional knowledge in parallel with their studies



The latest student association, ECO'SO's philosophy is that "with small actions, we can achieve big things". Based on the theme of social responsibility and sustainable development, the association's objectives are to promote social, environmental and environmental initiatives. 

Ecology - participative & solidarity workcamps, shared garden on the school terrace, distribution of fruit and vegetable baskets from local producers, cleanwalk campaigns, environmental footprint indicator & assessment method

Social - delivery of student food parcels, renovation of substandard housing to help rehouse people in difficulty, organising blood donation drives, regular outreach campaigns for the homeless, Telethon, Mental health first aid training, organisation of humanitarian trips