Associative life brings dynamism and makes it possible to empower our students within the various student associations (budget management, implementation of innovative projects, organization of events, etc.) and promote team spirit,and student development. This is an opportunity for engineering students to participate in multiple extra-curricular events and activities such as 1st and 3rd year integration days, the ski week during the winter holidays, site visits, sporting events, the School Forum, the Gala, Business-Weeks, the BDE campaign, etc.As the true hub of the school, the BDE (student union) acts as a representative in relations with partner companies and organises extracurricular activities on campus to make student life more exciting and dynamic.



♦ BDE 

As the true hub of the school, the BDE (student union) acts as a representative in relations with partner companies and organises extracurricular activities on campus to make student life more exciting and dynamic.
What’s special about the ESITC Paris student union is that they organise most events in collaboration with companies in the field. Orientation days are organised with the companies who sponsor the incoming classes of students, the ski week is planned in conjunction with the Léon Grosse company, the gala ball with GCC and the Telethon fund-raising week with Vinci Construction.

 Integration Days: Organized in partnership with the sponsor company of the Integral Promotion, the Integration Day allows new students to discover the school and the ties that unite all students. Each integrator is assigned a godfather or a godmother of the superior year. Their role: to help the integrator to understand the first year from an academic point of view and to integrate into all promotions according to the so-called "lineage" system. It is in part thanks to this virtuous circle of sponsorship that why the ESITC grades stay in touch throughout their careers.

 Business relations: Each year between January and May, the student association organizes a series of conferences  with construction companies that come introduce themselves to all of our students. Presentations aim to be interactive and useful. The conference is always followed by a buffet where students can exchange freely with the business representatives. Whether alumni of the school or not, the professionals share their own experience and impressions. This informal atmosphere allows students to freely ask questions on the careers that await them. It is also an opportunity for our students seeking work placements to submit their CVs to the HR managers present. For 3 years, the Student Office has also been organizing a forum bringing together a large number of companies in the sector. This day is dedicated for our students as well as those of other higher education schools looking for internships.

The Gala: The Gala is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The evening begins with a dinner where partners and actors contributing to the life of the school meet. This dinner is an opportunity for the BDE to thank the companies for their trust and their closeness. The event continues with a dance party in a Parisian nightclub for students.

Ski week: Each year, a ski week is organized with Léon Grosse, one of the school's partner companies, around the second week of March. This event is an opportunity to combine sport and relaxation and helps strengthen inter-promotion cohesion. The first weekend of the stay takes place with a few employees of Léon Grosse, graduates from ESITC Paris, who discuss  and talk about their experience with the students group.


♦ The other student associations


BDS - Student Sport office

The BDS coordinates all the sports activities organized within the school. This association allows students to practice a sport during the year (rugby, football, boxing, tennis, sailing, etc.) and to participate in numerous inter-university championships while cultivating values dear to the school such as as cohesion, team spirit, tolerance, humility.



BDA - Student Arts office

The latest association created at the school, the BDA aims to promote Art and Culture within the school and encourage student initiatives through multiple media: participation in challenges and inter-school competitions, photos , cultural visits, site visits, drawing, music, theater, etc.



"La Ferme" - Student Meeting place

Headquarters of the BDE and BDS, this space is a meeting place for all promotions, meetings, exchanges and relaxation, very popular place for students.