The student union

As the true hub of the school, the BDE (student union) acts as a representative in relations with partner companies and organises extracurricular activities on campus to make student life more exciting and dynamic.
What’s special about the ESITC Paris student union is that they organise most events in collaboration with companies in the field. Orientation days are organised with the companies who sponsor the incoming classes of students, the ski week is planned in conjunction with the Léon Grosse company, the gala ball with GCC and the Telethon fund-raising week with Vinci Construction.

Activities of the BDE

Organised in partnership with the company sponsoring the incoming class, this orientation day allows new students to discover the school and what ties its students together. Each incoming first-year is assigned a second-year student sponsor. Their role? To help the new student gain more insight into the first year from an academic perspective and get to know the students from other promotions the years above them.
This sponsorship cycle is part of the reason ESITC grads stay in touch with one another throughout their careers.

Students entering ESITC in their 3rd year also have an orientation day. This orientation has two goals: create a connection between new incoming students and those moving up from TC2 and introduce new students to the company sponsor for their class.

As for 1st year students, the day starts with a site visit at the sponsor company. After lunch, the day continues with fun team activities and sport.

Each year between January and May, the ESITC Paris student union organises a series of conferences in collaboration with companies in the field that come introduce themselves to students. Presentations aim to be interactive and useful, encouraging dialogue.

The conference is followed by a buffet where students can exchange freely with the presenters of the day. Whether alumni of the school or not, the professionals share their experience and impressions. This informal atmosphere allows students to freely ask questions on the careers that await them.
It is also an opportunity for our students seeking work placements to submit their CVs to the HR managers present.

The gala is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Festivities begin with a dinner to which partners and those contributing to the life of the institution are invited. It is the BDE’s opportunity to thank companies for their confidence and participation. The rest of the night is reserved for students to celebrate together.

Each year, in March, a ski week is organised in partnership with the Léon Grosse company. This event is an opportunity to combine sport and relaxation and encourage cohesion among the classes of students.

Partners from Léon Gross (ESITC alumni) are present for the first weekend of the trip to talk about their experiences with the students.


The BDS (sport union) coordinates all sporting activities organised within the school. This association gives students the opportunity to play a sport throughout the year (rugby, football, boxing, tennis, sailing, etc.) and to take part in inter-university championships while building on the values we hold dear: cohesion, team spirit, tolerance, humility.


Rugby Team 2013-2014

Football Team 2013-2014

Sailing crew 2015-2016

The 4L Trophy 2016-2017

Le Bureau des Arts

Dernière association créee à l'école, le BDA a pour objectif de promouvoir l'Art et la Culture au sein de l'école et encourager les initiatives des étudiants par le biais de multiples supports:  photos, visites culturelles, visites de chantier, dessin, musique, théâtre...


La Ferme - The Farm

This space is the headquarters of the BDE and BDS and serves as a meeting point for all classes combined to exchange and relax. It is an important place for all ESITC Paris students.