The 5-year degree is broken down into two cycles of 2 and 3 years, based on a fine-tuned alternating academic-professional plan.
4 work placements for a total of more than 12 months in a professional setting and numerous visits throughout the 5 years.


This placement allows students to become familiar with site work and understand the importance of interpersonal relationships.
It lasts at least 1 month and occurs during the summer following the first year of the programme.

This placement lasts at least 4 months and takes place at the beginning of the third year, from September to December.
As a member of a team, and working under a confirmed engineer, the student will take over team management tasks on site and commercial relations with the customer.

This final 4-month experience (minimum) prepares the student to enter the field as a professional. The engineering student manages a project implemented by and with the host company.
This placement is scheduled for the beginning of the fifth year, from September to December, and it covers a technical or worksite organisation study, a quality study, price study, etc. This is the final professional experience before returning to campus and aims to build upon academic instruction with a complete building or roads and public works project.
More than 3/4 of our graduates are hired by the company where they completed their end of studies placement.