At the start of the school year in September 2022, ESITC Paris offers a work study course on its new campus. This new training offer on the Égletons campus will complement and link up with existing training in and around this area. This training, also accessible on the engineering cycle, is ithe same as that provided on Arcueil campus



To meet the growing demand for qualified engineers from construction companies, ESITC Paris is opening its apprenticeship course in September 2022 on Applied Schools of Public Works campus in Égletons (EATP/EFIATP/CFCTP)

The courses offered on the Égletons and Paris sites will be the same. The educational programs, the expected skills, the specialties as well as the evaluation methods are also similar and lead to the same engineer diploma. This new training will allow new students to develop advanced theoretical and operational skills, essential for engineering professions, and they will benefit from benchmark pedagogical know-how, recognized by companies in the sector


♦ The apprenticeship curriculum covers the entire engineering cycle

♦ The 36-month training includes 17 periods: 8 "school" periods (including one in a foreign university) and 9 "company" periods

♦ An alternation of 4 to 8 weeks at school and 4 to 8 weeks in business

♦ The option in Sustainable Building or Roads, Civil engineering & Territory Development depends on the company activity



Academic teaching periods

Each year of the cycle includes two or three Teaching Units (U.E) devoted to scientific and technological subjects, an UE in expression and communication, including french, english and a second language (italian, german or spanish). An U.E devoted to the valuation of the experience lived in work study program or in the subjects of management, accounting or law


Continuous monitoring to better validate what you have learned

Several knowledge checks take place in each subject (compositions) and projects are carried out in groups of 2 or 3 student-apprentices. Progression to the next class requires the apprentice engineer to obtain averages beyond the imposed minima. In the event of non-validation of these minima, oral recall exams are organized in June or early September. In the event of non-validation of these minima, oral recall exams are organized in June or early September. The validation of the achievements depends on a Jury chaired by a company executive, the Management and teachers of the school


| The new campus

ESITC PARIS moves into a renovated building with 2 classrooms and 1 amphitheater

Our apprentice engineers will have at their disposal all the equipment installed on the 120 hectares of the public works schools campus(EATP, EFIATP & CFCTP) including

  • practical work platforms
  • computer rooms
  • a restaurant area students' home
  • a library
  • sports equipment


The periods undertaken

Within their host company, each apprentice is monitored and supervised by an Apprenticeship Master as well as by a company tutor according to the topic studied for each period. These study themes must be addressed by the student-apprentice

The 3rd year includes a period in Works management, in Management of subcontractors & suppliers. The 4th year focuses on Business Management, Works Management, support functions in Technical Studies Office as well as a period in a partner foreign University. In the last year, student-apprentices join the Arcueil trainig course : An academic semester to perfect technical knowledge and work on the End of Study Transversal Project before returning to their company for the TFE


Educational monitoring and evaluation

During the compagny periodes, the student apprentice is monitored by two referents: his Apprenticeship supervisor and/or a company tutor (a main works engineer) and an educational tutor from ESITC Paris. Their roles are defined in the learning booklet. Each period is subject to validation of the skills acquired, including an assessment of the business tutor and the school tutor, the writing of a report and an oral exam at the end of each period