The VAE makes it possible to obtain, in whole or in part, a diploma or a professional qualification certificate, registered in the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RCNP)

The request of V.A.E. should be addressed to the authority or body issuing the certifications. The V.A.E. takes place in two stages


- The admissibility phase

- Examination of a file detailing the professional experience and skills acquired by the candidate. The file will be examined by a jury which will decide, after interviewing the candidate, to validate all or part of the degree concerned

In the event of partial validation of prior learning, proposals are made to the candidate with a view to obtaining the full degree. The degree obtained,by the VAE then, has the same value as that obtained through training


The VAE is a means for


An employee 

  • to value the skills acquired and obtain formel recognition for  work experience
  • to promote professional development
  • to obtain a degree recognized by the profession


A company 

  • to promote the personal and professional development of its employees
  • to adapt training to the individual needs of each employee
  • to set up a process for several employees at the same time, in order to allow them to obtain the same certification or different certifications
  • to increase the human capital quality
  • to increase employee motivation to offer internal promotion opportunities
  • to develop the company attractiveness


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 V.A.E training Manager - Emmanuel Natchitz