| Articles de Congrès

♦ Semblat J.F., Lenti L., Martino S., Varone C. Site. City models: an overview of complex interaction patterns for seismic waves” accepté au 11th International Congress on Engineered Material Platforms for Novel Wave Phenomena – Metamaerials 2017. (Marseille, France, 28 août - 2 septembre 2017)

♦ Martino S., Cercato M., Ciancimino A., Della Seta M., Di Martino G., Esposito C., Foti S., Giannini L.M. , Hailemikael S., Lenti L., Martini G., Paciello A. , Pallone F., Passeri F., Peloso A., Rivellino S., Scarascia Mugnozza G. , Socco L.V. , Troiani F., Varone C., Verrubbi V. Peculiarities of local seismic response modelling faced during the third level seismic microzonation studies in the municipality of accumoli (Rieti, Italy). 35° Convegno GNGTS (Gruppo Nazionale di Geofisica della Terra Solida) Trieste (14th-16th November 2017)


| Articles Revues Scientifiques

 ♦ Martino S., Bozzano F., Caporossi P., D’Angiò D., Della Seta, M., Esposito C., Fantini A., Fiorucci M., Giannini L.M., Iannucci R., Marmoni G.M., Mazzanti P., Missori C., Moretto S., Rivellino S., Romeo R.W.,  Sarandrea P., Schilirò L., Troiani F., Varone C. (2017) Ground effects triggered by the August 24th 2016, Mw 6.0 Amatrice (Italy) Earthquake: Survey and Inventorying to update the CEDIT catalogue. Geogr. Fis. Dinam. Quat. 40: 1-20, DOI 10.4461/ GFDQ 2017.40.7


| Autres publications

♦ Mahfoud Benzerzour, Nassim Sebaibi, Walid Meherzi, Nor-Edine Abriak, yahya Sebaibi, “A bibliography on the analytical model of the mechanical behaviour in uniaxial tension of fibre concrete: Application to concrete reinforced with fibres and powders from recycling of thermoset composite materials”, Construction and Building Materials, pp 214-228 (2017)

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