Becoming an engineer requires solid scientific, technical and operational knowledge as well as human qualities. ESITC Paris courses was created and modeled with and for the profession. It combines high-standards education in perfect harmony with a constantly evolving professional world


| Preparatory cycle

ESITC Paris preparatory cycle, lasting 2 years, welcomes about sixty high school students from a general baccalaureate with a major in science or from the 2D STI technological series. It aims to give young students basic technical knowledge in addition to scientific, general and literary fundamentals. The work requirements are important and for the transition to highl level education to go as smoothly as possible, promotions are divided into 1/2 groups in scientific subjects and support courses are also offered as soon as difficulties are detected. Knowledge assessment is carried out on a continuous basis throughout the year In addition to the strengthening of scientific knowledge and the deepening of the human sciences, the young student engineer tackles new technical subjects from the 1st year, thus breaking with the high school system, which is very generalist. Demanding and dense, the 2nd year is synonymous with strengthening the scientific base and continuity of technical subjects dedicated to Construction in order to best prepare for the engineering cycle The Worker internship experience at the end of the 1st year allows the student to discover the professional sector of Construction, more specifically that of construction sites, and thus to put into practice the first technical knowledge acquired during year



| Engineering cycle

It lasts 3 years and revolves around technical subjects, management and communication. Three important internships by their duration and their purpose punctuate this cycle. It is also during this cycle that, our students go abroad (for an internship or to a partner foreign university - a unique and highly rewarding experience for the maturity of the student-engineer). They choose their major at the end of the 4th year : Sustainable Building, Roads, Structures & Territory Development, Materials & Sustainable Structures or Engineering & Sustainable Architecture

The last year is structured around two highlights : The acquisition of the latest theoretical skills and the Transversal Project of End of Studies (PFE) and the internship (TFE) allowing for more than 90% of our students to be hired when they leave school