As all private school, ESITC Paris asks each student to finance their share of the school's operating costs. However, these tuition fees are seldom an obstacle to education : depending on resources and family situation, it is possible to obtain one or more financial aid in the form of grants, loans or allowances. Some families may receive assistance covering up to 70% of school tuition. The cost of schooling is established each year by the school board



| For the 2022/2023 school year


Tuition fees are € 6,990 per year


Each year, students must pay the Contribution de Vie Étudiante et de Campus (CVEC) in a single amount whether they are under student or apprentice status

Contribution for 2022/2023 : € 95

Payment of the contribution is made online

The student must provide to the school with a CVEC certificate, proving the payment 


Being recognized by the French State since July 18, 2001, ESITC Paris is authorized to welcome scholarship students. The procedures are to be carried out with the CROUS

Thanks to the support of partner companies, the school awards scholarships each year according to its own criteria. Our students have the possibility of being awarded various scholarships : specific to ESITC Paris, FNTP, Pro BTP



| Scholarships


| Other possible funding


A partnership with BNP Paribas Bank gives our students various advantages

The internships during the course are contracted, and therefore remunerated at the minimum of the legislation in force