The Bachelor Public Works is a "bac + 3" degree, set up at the request of the National Federation of Public Works. Its objective is to allow candidates, specialized in practical work, to develop a culture and skills specific to the field of public works.

The 10 month training includes the study of 4 specialties and an internship period :


♦ Structures

♦ Operational expertise

♦ Hydraulics and networks

♦ Underground, maritime and river works



Training program


In partnership with the ESITCs of Caen, Metz and the EATP of Egletons, the course is organized on the 4 schools sites around 4 teaching modules:


♦ ESITC Paris : Engineering structures, method of execution, pathology, maintenance, planning, site economics and sustainable development.

EATP Egletons: Operational expertise, road infrastructures, earthworks, civil engineering, worksite management and management

ESITC Metz: Networks, topography, diagnosis, maintenance, rehabilitation, public works project, security, quality control and sustainable development.

ESITC Caen: Underground, maritime and river works, “TOOL certification”.


  • September: Common core - ESITC Paris
  • October: Engineering structures specialty - ESITC Paris
  • November: Operational Expertise specialty - EATP Egletons
  • December: Underground, maritime and river works specialty - ESITC Caen
  • January: Hydraulic and Networks specialty - ESITC Metz
  • February - June: 5 month internship


The specific trades for the Public Works Bachelor are works supervisor or public works site manager.

Each student is attached to the school where he is enrolled.

 For more information on the content of the training, you can download its brochure here



For admission, you must justify at least "Bac + 2" degree in Public Works :

  • BTS Public Works
  • BTS Professions of surveyor and digital modeling
  • DUT Civil Engineering
  • ATS Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering


To apply :

⇒ Create your profile

⇒ Submit your application as well as the associated documents

The selection is based on the analysis of the application file and a motivation interview.



Tuitions are € 5,200 and are paid to the parent school.

The amount of the tuition can be paid in full, in 3 payments or in 10 monthly payments (from September to June inclusive) by direct debit.