Becoming an engineer requires solid scientific, technical and operational knowledge as well as interpersonal skills. The ESITC Paris curriculum was created and modelled with and for the profession. It combines rigorous academics in juxtaposition with a professional world that is constantly changing.



It lasts 2 years and aims to give young people basic technical knowledge in addition to general, scientific and literary improvements.



Beyond reinforcing scientific knowledge and expanding in social sciences, engineering students encounter new technological courses as early as their first year, making a clean break from the very general secondary school system: resistance of materials, topography, general construction, construction design or works organisation and management. 

Site work placement: at the end of the first year, this placement provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired and introduces them to today’s corporate world.

The second year focuses on strengthening ing the scientific foundation and continues on from the introduction to new subjects dedicated to construction such as structural mechanics, hydraulics, plotting and earthworks, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete or even bridges.

Sponsorship  by a company creates a special connection from the time students enter in their 1st year and it lasts through their entire school curriculum , thus facilitating contacts with the professional world when they are looking for work placements.