The Scientific Council is composed of members from higher education and industry. It assists the school's governance in matters of scientific and research policy, and helps define and evaluate ESITC Paris' research policy. It met for the first time on 27 January 2021 under the chairmanship of the Director of the MAST (Materials & Structures) Department at Gustave Eiffel University





| Chairman

Jean-Michel Torrenti, HdR, Director of the MAST (Materials & Structures) Department, Gustave Eiffel University


| Internal members

Olivier Aucouturier, Director of ESITC Paris

Sabrina Perlo, Director of Research and Teaching

Emmanuel Natchitz, Director of Development


| External members

♦ College of scientific personalities

Luca Lenti, HdR, GERS Department, Gustave Eiffel University

Jean-François Semblat, HdR, Deputy Director of the Mechanics Unit (UME), Head of the Energetic Mechanics Department ENSTA ParisTech

Stéphane Bouchonnet, HdR, Research Engineer at Ecole Polytechnique - Head of the Environmental Chemistry Team of the Molecular Chemistry Laboratory (LCM), Founding Director of the International Master ECOSEM (Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management M1+M2) at Ecole Polytechnique

Fernando Lopes-Caballero, Senior Lecturer, Head of Master programmes for CentraleSupélec, Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Master (MSROE), Paris-Saclay University, MSSMAT Laboratory, CentraleSupélec


♦ College of company representatives

Ilan Juran, Ph.D, President of W-SMART (Water Security Management Assessment Research and Technology)

Fanck Faucheux, Director of City Innovations, EIFFAGE Immobilier

Vincent Waller, Quality Director, Unibéton

Stéphane Brûlé, Director of the Rhône-Alpes/Auvergne Region, Ménard


♦ College of authorities & supervisors

Philippe Gotteland, Ph.D, Deputy Technical and Research Director, Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (FNTP)

Pascal Bodet, Technical Director, Syndicat National des entrerpises générales françaises de bâtiment et de travaux publics (EGF BTP)