The research carried out at ESITC Paris on this theme focuses on the one hand, on eco-materials for construction and on the other, on the study of pollution and water quality. It is developed with laboratories and partner companies. On eco-building materials, research work is carried out allowing knowledge development and building materials development, that meet today's technical and environmental requirements. The ambition is to develop new cementitious biosourced materials or incorporate recycled materials. The results will make it possible to provide new solutions to professionals in the construction and public works sector, but also to set up innovative scientific projects in collaboration with them, as well as with other research establishments. Concerning studies on water and the environment, they relate to the release of pollutants from construction materials and their impact on the environment, the migration of pollutants from materials in the drinking water network and the green infrastructures of the of view rainwater management and urban climate mitigation (cooling islet)



Research themes


♦ Development of cementitious eco-materials

  • Reduced impact on mineral resources
  • Recycling of waste from construction or industry


♦ Study of pollution with water as a vector of pollutants

  • Release of pollutants from construction materials and their impact on the environment
  • Green infrastructure - rainwater management and mitigation of the urban climate (cooling islet)
  • Migration of pollutants from drinking water network materials