ESITC Paris was founded of the desire of companies and the Building and Public Works Federations to train highly qualified and operational engineers, and the school has always maintained close ties with them.





♦ The presence of companies or their representatives in the school's various bodies such as the Board of Directors and the Training Council

♦ The intervention of professionals in the teaching provided, who are involved and participate in the evolution of the school's educational content (courses, study projects, etc.). Students thus acquire knowledge and skills in line with the regulations in force

♦ The reception of our student-engineers for internship periods, whether under student status or for the apprenticeship cycle. These periods in companies constitute a real and recognised professional experience

♦ The sponsorship of the classes, which they follow during the 5 years of the curriculum

♦ The organisation of events with partner companies programmed during the year within the school in collaboration with the school's BDE (company week, forum, conferences, worksite visits, afterworks, skiing, gala, etc.)

♦ Support for student sports activities organised by the BDE

♦ Payment of the apprenticeship tax

♦ Accompaniment and support during the school's profound transformations (name change, installation in new premises, etc.)

♦ The possibility to communicate internship and job offers directly to students and alumni

♦ The possibility of mandating ESITC Études, the school's junior enterprise, to carry out studies (technical, commercial, etc.)

♦ The offer of training to company employees through VAE