In a globalized economy, the careers of engineers trained at ESITC Paris must be internationally oriented. This dimension has been integrated into the curriculum: language courses, cultural trips, compulsory period abroad during the engineering cycle, either in an internship or in a partner university (semester or full year of studies are set up so that students can, if they wish, build their international project). ESITC Paris school organize a full semester in English. Thus, the courses and projects of the second semester of the 4th year are, in part, taught in English and can also accommodate foreign students. In the 5th year, a cultural project is offered to students who have obtained the TOEIC who so wish. The intensive TOEIC preparation courses remain compulsory for those who have failed. ESITC Paris is member of ECEM-ECM (European Civil Engineering Management and European Construction Management). This association has made it possible to develop and improve the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff with our European partners for more than 20 years.




Modern Language teaching


For the first 4 years of the programme, engineering students take courses in two living languages for 1.5 to 2 hours a week per language: English and German, Spanish or Italian by choice.

Considering the importance of English in the international professional exchanges that await our engineers, each ESITC student must meet a minimum English requirement by scoring at least 785 points on the TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication). This is the level recommended by the CTI accreditation organization. The test evaluates the aptitude of non-English speakers to communicate in English in professional situations.



Travel abroad in the preparatory cycle


Each year two trips are organized by German and Spanish teachers to two European cities. (Berlin, Vienna, Valence…).
These can give rise to educational exchanges with our partner universities and encourage students to study abroad during their studies.


Compulsory semester abroad


During the engineering course under student status, students must complete a semester abroad, either as an internship or in a parent foreign university.
The engineering students of the apprenticeship program also have a period abroad divided into 2 stages:
♦ in TC3A
The apprentices go to a foreign university for 2 weeks during their course. Each year they attend the Hydraulics and Environment courses offered by the University of Gröningen in the Netherlands. This session is evaluated by a group project supported in English before a Jury made up of teachers from the host university.
♦ in TC4A
Lasting 10 to 12 weeks depending on the training, this internship improves expression and understanding of the language studied by the student and immerses himself in another culture.
At the end of this period, the management of the ESITC verifies the achievements by evaluating a report and a defense, carried out in the language of the host country


Semester (s) in a foreign university TC4, TC5



ESITC Students have the option to study abroad at a partner university for one semester in TC4 or a full year in TC5.