Since 2012, ESITC Paris has been offering the possibility for 25 students to enter the engineering programme as apprentices in a 3-year work-study course. As part of the work-study contract, the student is both a paid employee of the company and an engineering student at ESITC.


Throughout the programme, each apprentice receives follow-up and guidance from an work-study mentor at the company and from an advisor at the school. After each period worked at the company (8 in total), the apprentice’s advisor prepares an evaluation. The skills acquired during these work periods are also evaluated upon returning to campus.

The apprentice engineer must meet the same requirements as engineering students with traditional student status: skills are evaluated using equivalent exams, validation of experiential learning is the decision of a jury led by an executive director from a building and public works company and including the university director and professors, thus allowing work-study students to receive the same degree.


The curriculum, designed in collaboration with companies in the field, differs from the traditional apprenticeship sandwich course as it is based on a 6-week rhythm on average. The progressive 3-year programme includes a continuous period of 4 months of site management and complete immersion over several weeks in a partner university in the Netherlands during the 1st year. The topics of company management and engineering firms are covered during the 2nd year of work-study.

During the final year, apprentices follow the traditional framework with a 4 to 6-month end of studies placement in methods/price studies and a specialisation according to their host company: Building or Roads and Public Works.