We take great pride in our ability to publish such positive results as to the placement of our students. In a continuously changing market, companies remain loyal to the school and our recent graduates.
The construction and public works industry trusts the dynamic and motivated young engineers we train.

En 2018

Hiring Salary


€ 38,800

This is the average annual salary og a graduate from the class of 2017 at the beginning of their career. In most cases new hires also benefit from use of a compagny car and other advantages.

Professional Status


90% are employed

10%  are continuing their studies or went abroad to complete an International Volunteers in Business Contract (VIE).


 Lengh of thejob search


For those entering the workforce, 82% had received an employement offer before graduation.



Type of contract


97% have a permanent contract (CDI) 

3% have a fixed-term contract (CDD) after looking for 2 months



About 1/4 of our students are girls

Size of the class of 2018: 71 graduates – Survey response rate: 100% – survey completed in September 2018.


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