Whether you join the programme in the first, second or third year, the entrance exams are carried out in the same way.

On the request of the companies we partner with for student placements, we decided to select candidates based on an overall evaluation and not solely based on a written exam:

  • Assessment of school transcripts
  • Interviews and/or additional written evaluations depending on the level of entry and the requested programme.

Exam fees contribute to covering the overall cost of applicant selection and the exam itself.


Phase 1-admission eligibility: evaluation of applications

The first phase of the entrance exam consists in an in-depth analysis of applications.
Candidates whose applications have been selected are declared eligible for admission exams and receive a letter or email inviting them to a test session specific to each level of admission.

These tests are mandatory for selection.

Phase 2-admission phase: interview with a jury and written exam

Applicants are asked to spend one day at the school.

Juries are made up of directors and professors from the school and/or managers from companies in the field.

The jury evaluates the applicants’ motivations for wanting to attend.

Following the exams, the jury establishes the definitive classification of applicants.

Any admission to the programme remains conditional on the student obtaining the degree that would allow them to apply for the admission exam.

  • Admissions
    Post BAC, BAC +1 ou BAC +2